Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Turn On, Log In, Register

Awesome: Obama's advertising in video games! While ex-Virginia Gov. Mark Warner was the first to represent himself on Second Life, when he was considering running for president, in 2006, to my knowledge nothing like Obama's technique has been done. His image will appear on billboards and banners put out by VoteForChange.com in such games as Madden 09, NHL 09, and Burnout Paradise, a car racing game.

I don't think this flies in the face of his April statement, "turn off the television, turn off the video games." It would be naive to assume that everyone had, at that moment, stopped watching TV and playing video games forever. And if people are still playing--and playing in virtual worlds that replicate ours right down to the billboards and ad space--there is no reason not to buy ad time and promote himself there.

On the one hand, I think McCain would refuse to see the sense of such a gesture and would become derisive of it. On the other, we could also probably expect to soon witness his libelous smear campaign extend into the virtual realm as well.

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