Friday, October 10, 2008

Submission Guidelines

I notice different publications handle their writers' guidelines very differently.

Wired promptly e-mailed theirs to me, upon my request. I wrote to Flaunt almost three weeks ago but haven't heard anything yet.

METRO Magazine attempts to discourage new writers, while Harper's is very accessible and inviting.

Minneapolis City Pages has hidden their guidelines entirely and only the pure of heart may uncover them.

As for actual queries, I haven't had much luck. I sent out three queries for a video game article on Sept. 18 and am still waiting to hear back from anyone. I'll give it another week--they give themselves four weeks to respond--before I send out reminders... with my swank new and (hopefully) professional-looking e-mail address. Does that really make a difference? I'm told it does.

Anyway, I need to send out more queries than three in a month. I feel like I should be sending one out daily, and then I could use the waiting time to work on my fiction. That's the idea, anyway.

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