Tuesday, October 14, 2008

President in the Dog House

I was surprised to realize this morning what a non-entity our president has become.

In the face of the election campaigning going on, any time Bush has to speak publicly he comes across like a kicked puppy. This morning he was talking about how some of the bailout money would be used to buy equity stock in some failing banks, to give them the strength to continue business and get back on their feet. His tone was reserved, almost subdued. He carefully read all the big words on the script without any errors (a first). His delivery was so quiet and abashed that he sounded like an underclassman who'd been unwillingly recruited to deliver a school announcement.

I'm guessing at two reasons for this. One: he's jealous of all the attention McCain and Obama are getting right now. He's not doing anything interesting (besides completely f***ing up the national economy as a parting gift). Two: maybe someone showed him the news story that indicated his popularity is lower than Nixon's was.

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