Thursday, October 23, 2008


If you're looking for a small change in music, open up my Aeria profile in another window/tab and leave it running. Or else you can go to Playlist and start your own playlist, post it on your Web site or MySpace page or whatever. I don't understand what the catch is: you can compile a list of hundreds of songs for free, listen to them for free, and there are no ads between songs or anything. They're not making any money off of me. Granted, you might not find your obscure material listed there, and you might grab a crappy live recording when you're expecting a polished studio product, but you can preview anything and the list updates itself when you make changes to it. It's a good deal.

I've been complaining on my other blogs--this morning--about not having updated my blogs lately, as well as not having done anything useful with my three months as a "freelance writer." I've submitted three queries and heard nothing back, and I haven't developed my fictional work for submission. I've squandered this opportunity just like I knew I would. I have a talent for writing but I have no discipline and I'm not a self-starter. I'm a fuck-up and I have to return to the soul-crushing world of respectable work to make any money.

Soul-crushing... hah. If I had a soul I'd be working at getting published instead of fucking around with a dozen blogs nobody reads and not-submitting queries and manuscripts. I have no soul, I have no drive and ambition, I have no vision. I'm just consuming resources and getting in people's way until Death works its way down to my name on its list.

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