Thursday, October 2, 2008

In Which XN Complains a Bit More

Oh yeah, I will never observe Talk Like a Pirate Day. I don't think it's funny. I'm not offended by it, I don't come from a long line of pirates. My grandfather was not a pirate, I'm not one-fourth pirate by stock. It's just... not funny. Every time I start to say "I'm surprised it has gone on this long, that it's caught on this widely," I interrupt myself to admit, "Oh yeah, this is the nation the re-elected Bush."

I'm also unwilling to participate in this Zombie Pub Crawl thing, too. I know I've gone on about this before, so I'll only sum up: my friends and I were doing this long before it got popular, and then the guy who made it popular went on to get arrested on three counts of shitheadery and possession of bad ideas with intent to distribute. But no, I was not doing the pirate thing before anyone else was. I don't know what's up with that. At some point in the last several years I lost my patience for certain everything below a certain stratum of humor. And yes, these things are hierarchical to me.

What is up with Toki? He will not stop yowling. He wants my attention for something and runs to lead the way, then pauses to look at me meaningfully. If he's hoping to get fed, that's not for another 40 minutes.

I started up another blog at WordPress. Not just another blog, but another WordPress blog. I got psyched out by all the features they offer--there was a bad episode where I blocked an entry from view after trying to figure out all the extra features--and deleted it, and now I can never have "" again. I named it something lame instead and will use it for creative writing exercises. I was interested to learn in class last night that anything we intend to submit for publication must not first appear online in a blog or such, as this may itself be considered publication, and any place that desires "first run" submissions will not find this acceptable. I wonder how many places really would give a rat's ass about that, and how far the legal definition extends.

As for me, I haven't heard back from any of the gaming magazines. I sat down with the Writer's Market and drew up a list of magazines that accept various genres of short story, like Fantasy, Mystery (at my wife's request), and Experimental (let's see how far we can push that). In the meantime, however, I must solicit more articles for local publications and try to get something in print. I interviewed the originator of the Minneapolis Drunken Spelling Bee, which sounds like a good story, except both the City Pages and the Rake have run articles on this nascent phenomenon, so... they may not be interested. Yet I still need to remind myself I can't know until I ask. Guess I'll work on those query letters now.

I've been reading more about my favorite author, and I'm inspired/shamed into writing something. I updated most of my blogs (which doesn't count) and want to solidly plan some short stories as well as rewrite the first chapter of my novel. I'm afraid that it will be too childish to have each chapter be... oh, I could write a chapbook. That never occurred to me. Chapbooks are in right now, I think (like I've got my finger on the pulse of modern culture). I also just finished a collection of short stories by Richard Matheson. Gods, if you ever want to be intimidated out of writing again, read him. Yesterday morning I finished half the book before I even realized what I was doing: engaging as all hell. These are perhaps quintessential short stories in their best form, and they would be useful tools to trick children into reading more.


dj_siberia said...

ok, i tried to was like deer in headlights or trying to buy bread. SO, back to blogger i am.

i thought it would be neat to just move all of lj over to wordpress, but i'm not sure i care too much about it. i'll just keep those posts private and carry on with the dj promo there.

i think i'll give blogger and google reader a try. it seems to be the grown up version of lj.

Christian said...

I don't know if there's a function to import your LJ archive into another blog. That would be tremendously helpful if there were.

There are programs to archive your old LJ entries. I used one on my main LJ account so I could save everything before deleting the account. Now I just have to try to find where I saved the archive.

Marina said...

Would you be interested in participating in a collaborative zine ("chapbook" is for people with Aspirations; you won't hear me saying it)? It is generally SciFi, and will alternate between a story and an illustration. The first illustration will be the prompt for the first story, which will be the prompt for the next illustration (by a different artist), and so on.

It will be a half-page zine, and I think that 3-4 half-pages would be an appropriate length for the stories. You can either do a brief scenario or an entire narrative, but in no way is it meant to be a serial story.