Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yo! Wiggety-Wiggety Co-opted Culture

I know has their heart in the right place. I know they're doing more in the realm of political activism than I am. That's undeniable and I'm not saying they're lazy or anything.

I am saying that my first impression of them was less than formidable. When I think "," I go back to an early video of a tall, gangly white man with Coke-bottle glasses. He was lurching and lunging around while contrivedly rapping. It was an embarrassment of co-opted black culture, and I think someone who'd grown up with this style of performance as a marker of identity in their culture would feel insulted rather than flattered. It really was awkward.

He was rapping about the necessity of voting, and that's an important message, certainly. It was just a really... unattrative display, and that's what I think of whenever I see this organization's name. I go right back to this lanky white boy in thick glasses affecting inner city mannerisms, and it's distasteful. That's just what it means to me.

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