Friday, September 26, 2008

Here I am at Urban Bean, having my obligatory Americano (I've really taken to this, forsaking the mocha and the latte). I had to get out of the house because, even though the Internet is the same here as at home, I'm more easily distracted in the home environment. There's something about telling myself I need to get out, packing up my bag, walking up five blocks, and setting up in this coffee house that makes me take myself more seriously. I get more writing done this way, for sure.

And it was quiet. Usually this place is quiet and everyone minds their own business--when I came in some old guy gave me the hairy eyeball when I took a seat two tables away from him, and he packed up his crap and departed in a huff. Everyone else is usually very chill and quiet, but these two young women just came in and they're the kind that need to announce their presence. They need everyone to know that they are here, even though they're not saying anything interesting and they're not doing anything useful. Just blabbing about fashion models and fashion magazines. They made a big stompy to-do about whether they should sit inside or outside, and they tromped across the floor to go outside, then came right back inside for who-knows-why. Apparently they're using new feet and legs because they had no spacial control, kicking chairs, tables, and the bench as they stumbled their way to a table and sat down. And now they need to chat about inane shit...

Man, this place used to be so cool, back in the day, before the Normals ruined it. By all means, Barbie and Tequila, please keep yammering about ugly clothes that cost more than you could earn in five years. Please demand that everyone acknowledge your presence even though you have less ecological clout than a deer tick.

Also: I had to get rid of that ClickCounter widget. When I logged on today I saw an extra button in the shape of a tree, soliciting donations on behalf of some ecological non-profit... ostensibly. I'd never heard of the organization and damn sure didn't want my hundreds of readers throwing their money at a scam, so I got rid of the silly thing. Not that anyone was using it. Man, too lazy to even click a button that says Good or Bad. Man.



what widget? i use Google Reader to read this.

Christian said...

Ah, you'd only see it if you went to my blog itself. There used to be a little widget at the bottom that had six buttons, labeled stuff like "edifying," "amusing," "boring," "I don't get this," etc. If you search for ClickCounter you'll see what it looks like. It was just supposed to be a fun little thing but nobody was using it, so fuck it.