Thursday, September 18, 2008

Aside: Hyponomy

I've never heard of "hyponymy" before (and, apparently, neither has my laptop's spelling dictionary), but today's article on covers just that. And since I'm all about exploring poetic functions with formulas I can grasp, I think I'll practice this one right now. I think this one will be about me-e-e-e... and a failed relationship from my past! How original!

He was a restoration project, she was the projects.

He was a hare, she was a sloth.

He was a recipe, she was rotting in Tupperware.

He was corrective lenses, she was horse blinders.

He was Throbbing Gristle, she was Jessica Simpson.

He was mass, she was similar magnetic polarity.

He was a kitten in a tree, she was a wolverine on a burning raft.

He was biomass, she was oxidization.

He was a Slim Jim, she was Yorkshire pudding.

He was a set of blocks, she was Silly Putty.

He was Lucida Console, she was Edwardian Script.

He was a 6' extension cord, she was a portable generator.

He was an exposed nerve, she was adipose material.

He was a seahorse, she was a Bonobo ape.

He was not without his flaws, she was not without her merits.

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