Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Aside: Even Cooler Tech Stuff

Following: Check out that link. It's a widget that helps you follow updates to your favorite blogs right from the Dashboard.

Yes, you can also set up a blog list on your own page and click those links. This is like one screen that receives all the latest feeds, plus it announces to the blog (in some cases) that you're Following it, which means you're a fan. Plus, it starts a folder in your Google Reader and collects them all there. That, to me, is just about the pinnacle of convenience, another stab at creating a community structure such as is already enjoyed by LiveJournal, Friendster, Diaryland, and others. Anything that helps me and my friends connect and stay in touch with each other is great.

As for me, I'm freezing in this house. At the start of September someone seems to have turned down the nation's thermostat promptly. I'm checking out a variety of free MMOs and comparing them against each other, potentially to wean me off the World of Warcraft teat. Nine Dragons is the hands-down the most gorgeous, Asda Story is very lavish (if childish), but I have to reserve judgment until Chronicles of Spellborn finally comes out.

I'm enjoying my classes and hope to start pitching stories like a mad demon. Anna from WordHustler found my blog, said some nice things, and pointed me to her Web site which seems to be a useful tool indeed. I thought the writing market was inaccessible but it appears to be quite accessible (though everything I've read assures me rejection is going to be the recurrent theme) so... here we go.

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