Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Aside: Total Lifestyle Change

Thanks to my former employer's inability to communicate intradepartmentally, and thanks to my loving wife's support and belief in my writing talents, I have allowed my contract to expire, left my job, and am now home writing full time.

This is an auspicious occasion for me. The good fortune that permits me to take this path has been impressed upon me repeatedly, from congratulatory professors at school, to envious housewives and mothers who would give anything for a little extra time to work on their own projects, to anyone dissatisfied with their own job and wishing they could do something more in line with their interests. For the sake of all inclusive, I must make the most of my time and write for publication.

This is also quite intimidating, in that I've only had a general idea of what it is I'd like to write. I would like to get into fantasy short story writing, but I've been told by many different people that my strength lies in non fiction. I'd like to write travel articles, but I don't travel much. I thought I might try food reviews, book reviews, movie reviews, etc., but I'm not schooled in any of these and, at best, could only attempt yet another blog on these, just in case anyone out there's done reading the hundreds of thousands of other similarly themed blogs. (That's just in my city, I'm not even counting the rest of the world.)

And it's quite easy for me to fuck the day off and goof around, but I cannot allow this to happen. I'm going to do some kind of writing every day (which is easy, as long as the semester lasts), but I really need to sit down and brainstorm a methodology for getting published. Fortunately, next semester I'm taking Writing for Publication and Profit, but in the meantime I need to figure out how the system works. I've got a copy of the Writers Market, and I can knock out a few specialty pieces and mail them out to these publications, but that won't be enough, I know. It'll be good practice, and maybe something that can go on my resume, but that's no kind of living. But is it good enough for now? Is anything good enough for now?


Marina said...

Small steps, XN. That first publication is going to feel soooo good. Don't worry about the course of your entire existance being good enough.

Az said...

Best of luck to you, my friend. If you hear a strange noise, it's only me hiding in the shadows jumping up and down while rooting for your success. :D

annabelle said...

Kudos. Seriously. My boyfriend and I both recently did the same thing and also started a website for writers, designed to help people just like us get our work out to the world. The site is called WordHustler.com- check it out. And good luck with your writing!
Writer/WordHustler.com Co-Founder

Christian said...

That... is awesome. Thank you for the invite, and I'm checking the place out now.