Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aside: Rivetheads, Imperative!

So awesome: I made it down to Urban Bean again. I love the AC, I love the silence, I love everyone minding their own business and studying or whatever. Love it! I just did two loads of dishes and a load of laundry in order to feel good about breaking away from the home and going out to a café to write. Is that strange? I know Rebecca's all for me going out and writing, she wouldn't care either way.

I'm catching up on my Podcasts, too. I went looking for some industrial music shows and have only listened to two but am already disappointed on two counts:

I listened to Industrial Radio Podcast (based in Michigan) and just didn't care for it. I listened to one show and they played three tracks by some band I'd never heard of before, and I discovered I hated this band. So what does he do for the next show? Announces that not only is the album available for free download from his Web site, but that he's going to play the whole album in its entirety. DELETE DELETE DELETE.

Next, I tried out an episode of Distorted Circuitry (Toronto), featuring DJ Morgana and DJ Razorgrrl, and I think I've actually heard of the latter. Not sure where. Anyway, this music was much closer to my style. I happily listened to it while getting my car washed and while walking the several blocks from home to the café. The disappointment comes in that I'm listening to their final broadcast. I'll just have to go back and download all their other shows (from 2004 to 2008). Doesn't it just figure?

I've grabbed a few other industrial music Podcasts as well, I'll report on them here as I get to them. In the mean time, it's time for day six in my Icelandic saga. ...What would my name have been? Christian Eugeneson? That doesn't look right. And actually my father's first name is Prescott, he just goes by Gene, so my surname would've been Prescottson, which still doesn't please the eye.

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