Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Aside: General Notices

Pen'z Gear: new balanced pens for easier spinning. If you're not familiar with the pen-spinning phenomenon, click on Pen Spinning Trick for your very own tutorial on some basic moves.

If you're thinking about starting up an account with World of Warcraft, please let me know: there's a special deal going on where I get a rare mount for a referral and you and I would get the power to summon each other wherever we are. It's very cool, I assure you.

I've finished Day Five of my Icelandic saga. Two more to go, and I imagine that will break down to four to six entries. I've also been scanning in receipts and tickets and modifying pictures to include in the backdated posts, check them out.

And I have a provocative little deal with my friend Kristen where we each have to pitch a story idea or submit a story to a periodical by Monday. This is what's going to get me going, I think. Today was kind of a wash for writing but tomorrow I'll shape up my soda piece and see if I can make it specifically relevant to Minneapolis. I'm going to write down at the Urban Bean, because the other half of their café is a large cool room where laptop users avail themselves of wi-fi. It is as silent as a library (well, not the downtown library) and I love it for this reason just as Rebecca can't stand it. But it's pretty much my dream: go in, get a coffee, sit down, and everybody shuts the fuck up. I tried it last Friday and it's all I can think about now.

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