Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alarm: Police State

Much of the US knows that the Republicans are having their national convention in our sister city, St. Paul. Much shit has hit the fan at this point.

On the negative side, the city of St. Paul has been quartering very small space for protesters and distancing this space from the site of the convention. On the plus side, many savvy Democrats are renting out available rooms to Republicans for thousands of dollars, for a few days.

More importantly, now the police are raiding houses with press and protesters throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul. If you don't believe that law enforcement is a salable commodity, ask yourself why else our agents of law enforcement would kick in a door, illegally arrest the press and their legal representation, and then (insult to injury) bring in building inspectors to condemn any buildings with their doors kicked in.

Is that entrapment? Kicking in a door and then condemning the building for a kicked-in door?

Videos are here: - first-hand videos from amateur vigilante reporters uploading this debacle as fast as they can.

The RNC is going to happen in St. Paul, and cops are illegally raiding and detaining press and protesters. Does this sound like the US? The cynic will assert it does, but seriously: is this America? You can envision this happening in China or the Sudan, but America?

Things are much, much worse than I'd imagined, in my own country.

In other news, my brother's safe: he and his wife and kids have fled New Orleans two days ago and are in Atlanta, just as Gustav has been upgraded to a Category 4 hurricane. Maybe I should think about where I can go to flee the police?

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