Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Aside: Good Morning

The week has slowly improved. I've managed to show up just before my bus, the last couple of mornings.

Yesterday, I wrote a presentation on how to write a police report (for Advanced Writing class) and stored it only on my flash drive, which I left at home this morning. Rather than lose a lunch hour busing home to retrieve it, I took a friend's advice and recreated it. I think I like this version better, and I included the arrest reports of Rosa Parks and Sen. Larry Craig as examples.

Ran up to Potbelly for my morning bowl of oatmeal, though I was quite late in doing so. They didn't know whether they had any left, and offered me a sample section of a breakfast sandwich: egg, mushroom, ham and swiss. Then it turned out they were just able to scrape a final cup of oatmeal from the morning's batch and gave it to me on the house. I really like Potbelly, always have.

Stopped by Caribou for some coffee. Used to frequent Dunn Bros., but one day two of the girls behind the counter whispering and pointing at me, and I noticed thereafter their service became frosty and begrudging. No idea what that was about, but there's no need to put up with that after two years of loyal patronage, when Mpls. is chock-full of coffee joints.

Today's trivia question was "what country is Robert Mugabe president of?" and I was pretty sure I knew the answer but wanted to be fully sure. On a whim, I sent a text message that only said "mugabe" to Google (46645) and received a small Wikipedia entry on him (seconds before it came time to order my drink!). I've texted Google for addresses, experimented with word definitions and financial exchange rates, and this latest discovery just rekindles my romance for the company.

So, today's looking to be a good day. My Nano is full of NPR and AP Podcasts, my breakfast is set, my presentation is highly polished... now I just have to coast.

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