Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rundown: Islandic Candy

This is by no means a comprehensive list. There were many American brands of candy I had no desire to explore overseas, and others that just seemed to repeat themselves. Many bars seemed to be variants of forms of licorice (ropes, chunks, flecks, shavings, etc.) embedded in chocolate. The candy listed here is the selection Rebecca and I sampled in our short week in Reykjavik.

Buffaló: Marshmallow creme and puffed rice coated in chocolate. The company's logo is a black cat wearing a gold crown.

Lakkris Dúndur: Black licorice and puffed rice coated in chocolate. Their advertisements feature three funny-looking men who represent each of these three ingredients: a chubby guy with curly blond hair for the rice, a luxuriant lounge-type for the chocolate, and this weasel-faced guy with greasy black hair and a Fu Manchu moustache for the licorice. They do have fun in Iceland.

Risa Þristur: Chocolate and chewy chocolate with flecks of licorice. The company's name is "Sambó" and I hope that little acute mark totally changes the meaning.

Curly Wurly: Similar to the old Marathon bar—caramel spilled out in a pretzel kind of weave, coated in chocolate—but much tougher to chew.

Stórt Æði: Thin crisp wafers and chocolate coated in coconut and nutmeg.

Yankie: (Related to the Yorkie? Not in composition.) Chocolate nougat and caramel coated in chocolate.

Dumle Snacks: Similar to the $100,000 Bar, according to Rebecca.
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Villiköttur: The wrapper describes it as "karamella + kornkúlur + kex" but not even the list of ingredients (innihald) hints at what "kex" might be.

Opal: One of the hands-down most popular candies in the country. The snazzy little box of Opal I got was green and white with red print. There are three varieties of boxes (black, red, green) but I only tried the green one, which contained small dark brown translucent discs that tasted like very strong black licorice. These are tough to chew at first but eventually give like Gummi Bears. I've still got it sitting on my desk at work.

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