Friday, May 30, 2008

Aside: Last Aside Before Travelogue Resumes

I don't know why it's been so hard for me to continue updating the trip here. It's happened before: I wrote down the details of my road trip to New Orleans, but in the retelling I gave up three days into it. I kept notes of my weekend vacation in Manhattan but didn't relate two whole days of it in my blog, even though I did much more than that. And, facing down a week of Reykjavik, I'm only on the second day of that excursion and have already lost my momentum.

The first two trips were posted on a more social blog network—LiveJournal—and I expected better response as I told those stories. The failure to receive much feedback discouraged me from continuing to recount my voyages. Here, however, I have no illusions about my position: I'm one small island in a vast ocean with no obvious connections to anything else. I can't write here in expectation of audience response, this has to be all for me. So I have to work harder to keep writing this stuff out, pointless as it seems. Yet what else would I do? Record an even more pointless stream of disjointed thoughts. Why is that more important than a coherent travel story?

Anyway. It's Friday morning. I just ate the sandwich I made for lunch because I remembered that I have a second dental appointment at 11:00 AM and won't be able to eat it after that. I'm going to have a pear, a nectarine, and a multivitamin, and I'm going to skip my traditional second coffee of the day.

I've been catching the 8:03 AM bus lately, which means I run into that fashionable, inconsiderate woman more often. I have to sit on the bench outside the bus shelter because she smokes inside the shelter. She sits down right beneath the NO SMOKING sign and lights up her nasty-ass cigarette. Yesterday I had to sit outside in the rain so she could enjoy her cigarette in the bus shelter. The only thing in this world I detest as much as ignorance is inconsideration (which is not so unrelated a concept, being ignorant of the needs or concerns of others), and so I have tremendous loathing for this unpleasant woman.

So, I took time off from work and bused south to Uptown Dental for my 11:00 AM appointment, just like on the little card they gave me last Wednesday. I showed up and the receptionist couldn't find any evidence of an appointment for me today. She apologized profusely and rescheduled for next Wednesday. This, on top of my last appointment starting 20 minutes late. Is there any business in Minneapolis that gives a rat's ass about good business? Lehman's dented my car and absolutely denied doing it; the cops will pull me over for going five miles over in a 30mph zone, but can't be arsed to investigate the motorcyclist who punched me in the face or the five teens who held me down at gunpoint and robbed my apartment. They'll cuff me and stick me in the back of their cruiser because they're looking for a short man in a green coat and think I might be him (despite my being a tall man in a black coat), but they drive without turn signals and park in the crosswalk at intersections.

Once again, are my expectations so unreasonably high?

Actually, when I went in the next week, the dentist's office felt so bad about the mix-up that the front desk gave me two movie passes for any Landmark Cinema event, and my dentist gave me two free fillings, just to touch up a couple trouble spots. I was quite chastened by their generosity and sincerity. They're good people who do good work, and their hearts are in the right place.

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