Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Varied Set of Privileges

A bunch of stuff happened recently. This weekend we had a couple friends over and started a fire in the backyard, had some beers and talked. That was very pleasant. The weather is warming up but at that point it still felt like we were coming out of summer and starting to chill down in autumn, so the fire was appropriate.

I had Editing class last night, which I always enjoy very much. The instructor seemed a bit ill or distracted, I hope everything's okay. My group's newsletter is coming along: one student, fluent in WordPress, has volunteered to construct it all online, so that will be awesome. Then she and another student invited me out for drinks, which was a unique experience. Buca, surprisingly, stopped serving at 9:30 pm, though their sign says 10:00 pm, so we walked up to McSomething's, up on Hennepin and something. We just talked and had a couple drinks, talked about all manner of outrageous stuff. We really seemed to enjoy each other's company--I say that with a little amazement because it hasn't happened in a very long time that someone else has been "hey, you're interesting enough to hang out with of my own volition."

This morning, as the bus was pulling away, some jackass in a dark blue two-door car (MN plates MUH-175) decided not to give the bus right-of-way to come back in the lane (though everyone should know buses always have right-of-way). The driver honked at the bus, pulled up beside the bus driver, and flipped him off.

I can't relate to that mindset. I can't put myself in the mindset that thinks, I have the right to shit on everyone around me. Then I start guessing, were his parents neglectful? Does he just have a mental disability, benign enough to keep him out of an institution but malign enough to make other people regret his existence? What kind of person clearly launches into fault in a traffic altercation and then abuses the victim? I guess it's kind of the same mentality that drives people to buy an SUV or vote Republican, and it comes from a history of not having received enough love during one's formative years. That's the nearest I can figure.

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