Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Touchdown in Reykjavik

We did it, we're here! It's been literally a non-stop day. We woke up Tuesday morning, having taken the day off from work, and cleaned up the house and ran last-minute errands to prepare for a week away. My mom drove up from the airport (working around the 35W closure) with my brother Andrew (from New Orleans) and his son, Kai. I made them lunch: gyros with BBQ sauce, it's freakin' delicious, and then we went on with packing and cleaning up, driving out to the airport around 5pm.

There was a little mix-up when we checked in. Apparently this employee named Ben checked someone else in as me, so when I showed up they wondered why I was checking in twice. It seems he had confused me with this Icelandic woman named Kristin Fridriksdottir. She was sent back down by TSA so we met and got the mess cleared up; I'll post a picture of us later, so you can see the similarity.

The flight was nice and long. Rebecca got us some excellent noise-canceling headphones so I listened to music, watched Malcolm in the Middle and The Simpsons (pointedly ignored Bridget Jones' Diary 2) and updated my travel journal. Rebecca slept much more than I did, and we were both groggy when we touched down in Keflavik (I'll check spelling later) and caught a bus out to another shuttle bus which took us to our hotel, Room With a View, in Reykjavik. It was hours before the place opened, however, so we wandered up and down the street at 8am in search of any restaurant that was open. We found a "bistro" attached to another hotel and had breakfast there, though really we were supposed to be staying at that hotel to do that.

After the meal we went back to our hotel--actually, we're renting an apartment for four nights--and found the owner and a friend dumpster diving. He was very friendly and let us in four hours early; we spent two of those hours napping, and now it's about 2pm on a Tuesday. I'm sitting in a bookstore cafe updating my blog. More later!

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