Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Passion and Aspiration (Low)

Short blog entry today: I wrote in another blog (short story in Psychopop's MySpace page) so that counts as writing for today. Also, I did a big job search on Craigslist (is that okay or is it pathetic?) and found a bunch of positions for writers and editors. I winnowed out the least offensive (I refuse to work for marketing) and we'll see if I'm worthy of notice.

I need to create more writing samples, however. I should be hitting Helium and Rafter, whatever it's called, just to get practice in writing random articles. I submitted one about the cancer risk of sodas and soft drinks but only because I'd written up a Pathfinder on that topic for an Information Systems class and happened to have it all in mind. I want to be able to do that kind of hard core research on any topic that comes down the pike, however.

I'm in my new cube, where my monitor directly faces a wide open space where all sorts of people walk by, so I... have to watch myself now. It's going to be dull.

I'm sitting in the library right now: I can see two monitors playing Naruto videos. I used to be so into that, I got caught up quickly and started watching each episode as soon as the fansubbers put it out, which was usually no more than five days after it had aired in Japan. Those crazy teenagers put out some quality work in a crunch period for free! That just astounds me. Any company should be incontinent with desire to hire them, and these kids are just doing an amazing amount of work pro bono. Anyway, I followed the show up to about Episode 110 or so before stupid Funimation licensed it in the States and the fansubbers were no longer operating within a gray market. What sucks worse is that Funimation will remove the original Japanese opening and closing sequences, replace it with bullshit music, and suck the spirit out of the series, like they do with all their anime licenses.

The fansubbers actually do a better job with it than Funimation will. They don't change the music, and they don't hire some talentless high school drama club to do the voice-overs. If anything, their work is beautiful: clear English translation with attractive graphics, occasional cultural footnotes, and karaoke lyrics (in English, anglicized Japanese, and kanji)! Point to the animation licensing company that offers all of that for their overpriced DVDs.

Well, whatever. I just miss enjoying quality anime. I hoped I could meet someone who was as into it as I am, or was, but that's an immature and unrealistic hope. Like hoping I could find someone similarly passionate about World of Warcraft. Those aren't adult goals. I don't feel like an adult, even if I did get married. It's hard to let some things go, but sometimes you have to cast them off even if the only reason is because it will cause conflict to retain them. It's rough, but whatever, everyone is mortal and nothing lasts for very long.

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