Saturday, April 5, 2008

Next Level

I did it, I'm all married and stuff.  Never would have thought it could happen to me... hoped, but never imagined.

I'll let it settle for a while, once my immediate environment calms down enough to let me take it in.  But I am all smiles.

"Forgive him, for you will understand him no better than we who linger on this side of the pale." - Geo. Herriman


Kristen said...

I'm going to assume you wrote this earlier and set it up to post today because otherwise I cannot believe you would take time out of your wedding day to make a blog post.

Also, congratulations and I am so so so happy for you, which you already knew.

Christian said...

But I did! There was a moment's downtime after the ceremony, we rushed back to the house to burn a couple CDs for the reception and pack some clothes for the hotel. I took the time to update my Relationship status on MySpace and Facebook, and post to my blogs.

You can't pretend you didn't know what kind of a geek I am.