Friday, April 18, 2008

More Self-Examination

Huh. There's nothing to freshen your awareness like directing someone else's focus upon your context. I invited someone else to read my blog, then came home and looked at what I'd amassed thus far and was not very impressed. I'm just kinda... droning.

Well, I have created a few other blogs, hidden around and with unannounced names, and these will have specific purposes for various creative endeavors. I just need to keep them all recorded so I have them straight. It would not do to post the news crap in the creative effort blog, for example.

But the main thing is that I really want to keep writing. I want to write all over the place and write many things. I think if I keep myself cycling in this habit it'll be easier to continue, could become second nature to me. It never has been before, so this is an interesting exercise to me, both to imbue myself with the habit of writing as well as the practice of refining technique and usage. I'm a little self-conscious about how narrow my working vocabulary is - I may not have cause to expand it in daily conversation, but in the written media I have no excuse.

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