Monday, April 7, 2008

An Inauspicious Beginning

So I logged on to MySpace and happened to spot some random video labeled "the best video in the world." I watched it, it wasn't. It was by some bland UK band called Client. Whoever posted it added "Kraftwerk" and "Depeche Mode" to its tags.

There were three pages of comments slagging this band. I added one that said that this video was not the best video in the world (it wasn't), and whoever likened them to the other bands needed to be bitch-slapped (they sound nothing at all like Kraftwerk or Depeche Mode).

It turns out the band itself put the video up, and a very snotty Client X (the band members call themselves Client A, Client B, &c., how clever) wrote back to me, in private e-mail:

we supported DM, got signed by andy, did a duet with martin.. are Karl Bartos's fav band..... do your homework before you leave comments please!
client x

"do your homework" from a band whose slogan is "Innovate Never Imitate." Awesome. I want to revise my comment and note that, for 12y.o. girls, they are quite talented.

Update: Among all the other comments insulting them to a far greater degree, they have deleted mine from the list. I wonder how many snarky e-mail exchanges Client X had with other displeased consumers before she gave up?

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