Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Was Just Thinking...

Note: Maybe it's an exaggeration to say that half of all public library patrons smell, but I can produce empirical evidence that at least a third of them are redolent with something their body produced and that two weeks developed. And as far as noises go, there are some it's okay to be mad about (cell phones, bursts of music) and some that I feel ashamed about getting mad about (moaning). Maybe I need to start finding private libraries in which to hang.

Note: 'Banger was walking south on Hennepin, eyeing me. He was all dressed in baggy black gear, I happened to be wearing khakis and a red shirt and red tie. Once in a while I dress in traditional Target apparel for a little irony. My imagined conversation:
Him: "Dude, I don't recognize your colors. What gang are you?"
Me: "Uh... South Sixth Street Pitbulls?"
Maybe not uproariously funny, but it certainly did occur to me.


khlari said...

Try working where I do...(Social Services).....we don't have a stinky refusal clause in our contract unfortunately.....I did a meeting the other week where the whole B.O. family from hell attended en masse. The temptation to run out and grab a bar of soap to lay on the table as a hint is so immense...oh, and for 'security reasons'(we got letterbombed)...the windows don't open........bleeeuch!

Christian said...

I can just imagine. It's the insult on top of the injury: "Not only have I lost my job and had my home foreclosed, also I haven't washed my clothes or my body in three weeks." Metabolic processes: no quarter asked, none given.