Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Clothes Hoarse

I'm just having the worst time trying to find new clothes. On the one hand, I'm looking for colors and a cut I like (usually Van Heusen or Geoffrey Beene); on the other, I need to find garments that hang well on me.

The difficulty with the first is that I only like dark colors, earth tones, such like. This isn't the season for that: I should have stocked up in autumn and winter, because now everything is a palsied pistachio or lavender.

With the latter point, I have little to no ability to assess how a garment looks on me at time of purchase. Weeks later, yes, I'm highly critical or have established a favorite shirt. Through trial and error (and accidentally remembering what my tailor told me) I know my shirt size and neck size, but remembering my pant size is irrelevant because different brands choose different sizes for themselves. Even within a brand, 34x32 means different things across different models of pant. Compounding this problem is the fact that I don't like to use the fitting rooms - even when I do, I'm usually alone and have no way of determining whether a garment appears well on me.

Additionally, I really dislike polyester and polyester blends. I'm averse to linen and gabardine in pants, but I love wool. Not going to find wool in a springtime wardrobe, though.

But yes, always, I know there are worse problems to have.

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