Monday, April 7, 2008

Brand New Life

My left hand bears a sandblasted ring of white and rose gold; my right, a tiered band of titanium. The former is for my wedding and the latter my birthday, being today. I embark upon a revolutionary relationship and my 38th year of survival on this ball of mud hurtling through radioactive space.

I have to plan fun things to do for our trip to Reykjavik at the end of the month, but then what? Finish school, certainly, and I'm not far from that. And after that? Look for more suitable employment? Start visiting our remarkable friends around the country, around the world? I certainly intend to redouble my efforts to materialize my creative projects and ideas. The 'Thank You' cards I have in mind are going to be especially fun, as well as a certain website I've borne in mind for too long. I'm going to get this stuff done.

Right now my computer's waiting to be installed in my new cubicle (same job, new cube) so I'm walking around collecting my free birthday coffees at Caribou and Dunn Bros. Later I will pick up some bars (Minnesotan term for a baked pan pastry) for Editing class tonight - yes, I'm going to work and going to class, both after my wedding and on my birthday. Dedication? I don't see it like that. I see these things as being within my ability to do, so I must do them.

I hope I have many fascinating new things to chronicle in this burgeoning blog, starting with this day. Zei gesund.


Kristen said...

Reykjavik! So jealous!

Also! Happy birthday!

Christian said...

Thank you! We tied the birthday observation in with the rehearsal dinner, so, no maffick in my name this year.