Friday, April 18, 2008

BI-cycle! BI-cycle! BI-I-I-cycle!!

Have you ever waken up with just an awesome mood? For me, this is as unprovoked and apropos of nothing as my biochemical depression. Today everything just feels right. My skin feels especially clean, my clothes are especially comfortable, and I'm looking forward to the day's challenges. My work-based entanglement abruptly resolved yesterday and suddenly I have amazing database super-powers that I can't wait to use today! I'm a little put out that one requestor actually withdrew his project because, after days of begging me to grant him access to some tables, he just discovered he had the access all along. Damn.

There are two other requests, however, and I get to write up the training documentation on this procedure. I'm delighted, and there's no sarcasm there: I really do like writing up training documentation, it's an exercise by which I reexamine everything I take for granted. I force myself to review a rote procedure with fresh, unknowing eyes and flesh it out until a complete outsider, a total n00b could come in and do this job if, for example, I'd been killed in a political protest.

Today is so nice, in fact, that I have Queen in my head. "Bicycle Race" is reverberating triumphantly throughout my skull, though I couldn't tell you the last time I've heard the song. It's just these strident chords loosening channels of endorphin down my neck and into the big glowing furnace in my chest. I can hardly sit still: I want to go out and punch out a moon window into the side of a building!

Hmm. I hope that if I did somehow develop the ability to shoot plasma bolts out of my arms, I wouldn't automatically go on a spree of rampant destruction. Obviously no jail could hold me, but I wouldn't want to have to constantly glance over my shoulder for government agents or snipers. I'm really not clever enough to be a super-villain, I have absolutely no sense of strategy.
Christian Fredrickson
"Nulla dies sine linea."

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