Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Slow Day

Last night was grand. Rebecca and I went out for a walk along the Stone Arch Bridge before it got too dark. I brought the Diana and managed to get a couple shots before it was completely unfeasible - I want to go back there some afternoon on the weekend, maybe, with a tripod and try some prolonged-exposure shots. That will be fun to me.

It was warm enough for a walk, and warm enough to grill: I rubbed some chicken breasts in lavender salt (R. got me this in Los Angeles, I've been anxious to try it out) and managed to not char the hell out of the poor chunks of meat. Usually I forget about it and it's developed a leathery, callused exterior by the time I remember. This time, however, it was perfectly done and I could barely contain my pride at not having messed it up.

Now I'm back at the public library. Today's a very slow day: five of us showed up for Steps, and I was in front with no one to talk to, so it was that much more arduous. I reheated some chicken and rice from last night for lunch, scanned the Inbox and help desk tickets for anything within my jurisdiction. I miss having a post office box because that gave me an excuse to get out for a walk once a day, at least, even though it was increasingly unlikely anything would turn up in it. I'm trying to spend less money so I don't want to jaunt out for a cup of coffee, when we brew our own at home. I'm getting better at remembering to bring filtered water from home in a Nalgene bottle. Usually I forget.

Nothing really interesting is occurring in the news lately. I was hoping I would use this blog, sometimes, to compare the reporting styles of various outlets. I would run through Reuters, Associated Press, AFP, Al Jazeera, and BBC, point out the tone they take in their articles, the usage and amount of quoted material, the focus on each issue, etc. (I won't even consider CNN and FOX, that's just corporate propaganda. They're as newsworthy as a tray liner from Burger King.) I don't have any aspirations of turning this into a news blog, however, it was just to be an occasional exercise for my own benefit. As it stands, there aren't currently any articles I care to focus on, as it would seem either too ghoulish or sensationalist, if not just plain redundant, to do so. Everyone knows what a jackass Spitzer's made of himself. I've been following the Chapel Hill slaying and have to smirk that the assailants were stupid enough to get themselves filmed not just in a convenience store but at a drive-thru ATM. I have no opinion of Ferraro's comments other than they were pretty naive. See? Not really feeling the passion. Maybe it's just today, maybe it would be worthwhile to make this an evening project and do some serious research.

No, I really have nothing interesting to say today, but it's very important to me that I stay in the habit of writing, and so had to write something.


Pyxichick said...

Nice to see you're still the happy-go-lucky soul I knew way back when :)

Have you tried yoga? I find it uplifting.

If that doesn't work, listen to the Abraham-Hicks audiobook of the Law of Attraction. Better yet, watch this.

Christian said...

Heh, yeah, I have up and down days. Between school, work, winter, and the wedding, I have a lot of things pressing down on my head. I would love to get into yoga and have been meaning to (though I hate phrases like "I've been meaning to do [X]" because it's an excuse to keep not doing it). I work out occasionally but I've heard great things about yoga. I'll have my fiancee find that audiobook, we're very much into audiobooks lately. Thanks!