Tuesday, March 25, 2008

School's Plowing Ahead, Work's About to End

I registered for classes this morning. I got all the classes I asked for, that was helpful. It's a little irritating that one of my required classes only occurs in the spring, and I missed it this year. Anyway, with summer semester being what it is, a couple of my classes will only run through May and June, and a couple others go through July and August. I can double up my courseload and it will feel like only taking two classes at a time, but summer classes are very intense. I had one, Writing for Television, that met only three times, each class being several hours long. I think I'm lucky that I'm taking writing courses, since we really can sit and write for an hour in the middle of class. I don't think other subjects would lend themselves to something like that.

My Editing class seems to be losing spirit. I feel bad for the instructor when half the students show up and half of them haven't done the homework. Even I dropped the ball this time, missing out on a portion of one assignment and not having completed another. Where was I, this past week? What was I doing each night? I'm planning my wedding, but not for six hours on a given night. I have deplorable study habits, it's very difficult for me to focus on school work at home. Ultimately, though, I really enjoy this Editing class and need to pour more energy into it. I'm looking for another job currently and would love to break into the copyediting/proofreading field, but I need to pursue better resources than the Classified section of the newspaper and a couple job-search-oriented periodicals found in bins at the bus stop. Searching for a job is a labyrinth on another world, a process with which I'm completely unfamiliar. I've accidentally found other jobs, or joined an agency and had them found for me, but if I had to rely entirely upon my own wherewithal to find a copyediting job, I'd probably do something goofy like pull out a Yellow Pages and systematically call every company that I suspected of publishing anything. I'm assuming there's a more streamlined, sensible hierarchy than that in place. I just have no idea how to find it. And I'm sure the hierarchy itself is convinced it has advertised itself sufficiently, but they haven't reached me, so their technique is imperfect.

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