Thursday, March 6, 2008


So, I tried to install this widget for my blog, a toy called ClickComments. It's a little box of buttons you can click to agree or disagree with individual posts, rather than having to go through all the effort of typing something. The widget worked correctly in my blog for about three minutes, but when I went to the original supporting site to update my account, it resisted my attempts to login.
[UPDATE: It seems to function in IE, but has trouble with Firefox. Curious about other browsers.]

Anyway, they thoughtfully sent me an automated email suggesting it would be best for me and my tremendous reading audience if I passed the word about their wonderful service. I guess I can do that (plus editorials).

Thank you for you interest in ClickComments. Our statistics show that you would earn more clicks on Clickcomments if you tell your readers about. [rest of sentence missing]

We recommand you to blog about ClickComments, so that Your readers knows what it is and would use it to give you feedback.

You can also tell your friends to come to your blog and give you feedback with
ClickComments vai this tool.


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