Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This Time, Fo' Rillz

I had been working up the courage to write to my favorite author, Gene Wolfe. Via biographical entries in aggregate I culled his address online. I attempted several fan letters and threw them all out, due to self-consciousness or whatever.

Rebecca insisted that I write him a letter because authors love that kind of stuff. At her insistence I did finally complete one letter and sent it out before I could change my mind. And today I received a package from him, containing a very nice letter and an autographed copy of There Are Doors, which I have not read yet but will do so immediately.

I am thrilled almost beyond description. More than that, I feel a strong need to get off my ass and start writing regularly. I do keep three journals (one for school, one for daily notes, and one for ...prurience), but I've been making plans for this stupid blog forever and not done anything about it. To honor Mr. Wolfe's generosity, I really, really need to get to writin'.

So here we go.

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