Friday, September 21, 2007

Before the Storm

I've never heard of Schmap before: apparently they find photos they like and ask to include them on their interactive maps. They asked to use five of my pictures in my Flickr collection (I'm listed under "Christian Wilkie" - figured I'd better start adjusting my accounts to reflect what my name will be).

Yesterday I bussed up to the Central Library around 3pm; by the time I got out at 5:30pm, it was starting to rain. I took the bus down from the library to MCTC campus, not a great distance at all, but in that time it had unleashed into a deluge with some hail. I ran a block and a half to the building where I have class and got completely drenched - sucks, that they insist on air-conditioning that building regardless of the weather. Towards the end of class my fingernails were blue and I couldn't hold my voice steady.

But I got this nice phonecam shot of the library just as the storm started.
storm rising

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