Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Society - Young Parents

Michael and Iana Straw (25 and 23, respectively; Reno, NV) claim they were addicted to being online (specifically, playing Dungeons & Dragons Online), and that's why they failed to feed/tend to their 22mo. son, Brian, and 11mo. daughter, Shannon.

The son had a genital infection and was malnourished and weakened to the point of having difficulty walking; the daughter's hair was matted with cat urine, and weighed ten pounds and was dehydrated.

There was plenty of formula and food in the house, when social workers rescued the kids. It just wasn't given to the children. Mike (Navy veteran) had even received a $50,000 inheritance - and immediately spent it on a plasma TV and high-end computer system.

Mike's MySpace:
Iana's MySpace: (Be sure to read her "I love my kids" rant.)