Thursday, May 31, 2007

Society - Neighbors

Just got back from helping my neighbor upstairs. She's getting on in years and her faculties are eroding: she's convinced the tenant next door is constantly playing up-to-the-minute techno remixes of everything she does throughout the day. Kind of like Stranger Than Fiction if it were a rave. She thought the previous tenant was doing a similar thing. She refuses to consider any other explanation, and I don't have the heart to disabuse her of her conviction. I just try to help out when I can: fixed her VCR, changed her light bulbs, set her alarm clock, and just now I instructed her on how to use her new hand-held tape recorder. ...You know, to record the loud music next door. I think this is going to signal the beginning of the end.

I'll be moving out in a couple months. I haven't told her. I don't know what she'll do when I'm gone, I wonder how many supporters she has in this building. She's cantankerous like the elderly sometimes are. Her son passed away a couple years ago; her entertainment center is lined with pictures of a young woman and a few young children. They could be her great-grandchildren, who knows. I don't know how often she sees or is seen by her family, where they are, anything.